About us

Alcantara Communications provides consultancy and communications services with a specialist focus on languages.



Alcantara Communications is a Limited Liability Partnership set up by Teresa Tinsley. She and Kathryn Board are the firm’s senior consultants.

Teresa Tinsley

Teresa TinsleyTeresa is a linguist, educationalist and communications professional with over 30 years’ experience in the field of languages and multilingualism. Until recently she was Director of Communications at CILT, the National Centre for Languages , and was a senior manager of this respected national organisation for more than 8 years.

She has strong international connections, having represented the UK in international forums on languages such as the European Commission’s ‘Languages for Jobs’ group and managed the UK’s membership of the European Centre for Modern Languages .

She was a member of the Executive Council of the Association for Language Learning from 2011 to 2014 and regularly attends meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Languages.

A fluent Spanish speaker, she previously worked at the Spanish Embassy Consejería de Educación in London and has many contacts in educational organisations across Spanish autonomous regions. She is also competent in French.

During her career she has had practical hands on experience in the following areas:
  • Policy research
  • Publishing
  • Website development
  • Use of social media for marketing and PR
  • Event organisation
  • Campaigning
  • Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Kathryn Board

Kathryn Board was Chief Executive of CILT, the National Centre for Languages from 2008 and has worked with specialists and a wide range of educational institutions to provide advice on educational policy as well as on initiatives aimed at increasing language learning across the UK. Before joining CILT, she spent 30 years working for the British Council in a number of international and senior management roles.

Although now partially retired, she continues to work on research projects where she can use her expertise and experience. Having originally trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language, Kathryn speaks a number of languages including Spanish, German and Dutch and has recently returned to university to work on improving her Arabic.